The land of smiles.

Dating in Thailand

Bar-girls are prostitutes!

It may not be something to deny that Thailand is famous for its so-called " Go- Go" bars and "bar girls" where prostitution is widespread. On some of the main bars of this kind it is up to 100 girls in their late teens and early twenties that are employed to "make their customers happy". The bar 's pimp function is amouflaged by the opportunity to buy the girls off work by paying so-called "bar fine" for them to be your company. In practice, this is pure prostitution as we know it elsewhere in the western world.

Most Thai ladies have high moral values!

Now, we should not be any moral guardians who tells you what to do and not to do on your stay in Thailand. However, we will note that the vast majority of girls and ladies in Thailand are people who have similar or higher moral values on sexual matters in relation to adultery and the like than most of us have in the Western world. You will probably not find these ladies at the "go -go " bars in Thailand where the best finds fortune hunters who are willing to be faithful to you solely for financial reasons. That said there's guaranteed sunshine stories about men from the West, as some brutally said, has taken the prostitute with them and married to live happily ever after. This is enough in this case success stories that are exceptions to the rule. It 's supposed to be mentioned that few choose prostitution as a profession because they are so incredibly found of it, so that there is good morale at the bottom of some of these ladies, who are temporarily laid aside, one should of course not ignore from.

Dating on the internet with Thai girls!

However, there are many dating sites on the internet where you can find great and serious Thai women seeking men in the western world. There is certainly an economic incentive to those seeking men in the West rather than in their own country but they are still in a very different league than those make their living on prostitution. There is probably not any doubt that many Western girls often allow themselves to be dazzled by a solid economy in their search for their life partner.

We have noticed this large demand for normal people who are searching for dating in connection with their trip to Thailand. We have therefore decided to establish a dating site where you can find you a date you can meet in Thailand. The dating site can be found at where you can find thousands of attractive women in Thailand in most age groups.

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